Commercial Laundry Equipment

Warwick-LPD is an independent supplier of all things commercial laundry equipment, no matter how big or small your needs.


With that said, our knowledge and experience of Primus laundry equipment has convinced us that this manufacturer’s products are the superior choice in most sectors.


Primus’ well-recognised global brand stands for high-quality, value-for-money and reliability. They constantly invest in its capabilities to develop continuously improved product solutions in terms of environmental and user friendliness as well as hygienic quality standards.


We also stock and supply the IPSO brand of light commercial washers and tumble dryers which are ideal for smaller laundries requiring simple operation.


In care, veterinary and food manufacturing settings, infection control in the laundry is critical and we can supply equipment that offers sluice and thermal disinfection capability.


All new equipment includes a 12 months parts & labour warranty. This can be extended for up to 6 years.


We also include a FREE training session for all personnel who will be using the equipment. This is accompanied by certification and support literature.


All our machines are easy to use and comply with WRAS approval.


Equipment can easily be upgraded and we provide a full installation service as well.


FREE training is provided to laundry operatives upon installation and commissioning.

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