Equine Laundry

Equine Laundry

Equine Laundry

LPD are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Commercial Laundry Equipment, our reputation within the equestrian world continues to grow week on week as more and more stables decide to bring the laundering of Horse Rugs in house.

With over 40 years experience in the laundry industry our experienced staff are always on hand to offer unbiased advice to enable you to make the right decisions.

Whatever your budgets LPD are able to supply the right equipment to do the right job

What Washing Machine Do I Need?

Many potential customers are deterred from going into the horse rug laundering as they think a 3 phase electricity supply will be required, and can be costly to provide. However this is no longer the case and with improved technological advancements a single phase domestic supply is often more than adequate. We are able to supply the very latest in laundry equipment as large 34kg (75lb) over ten times bigger than a domestic washer in single phase. A hot water supply is beneficial for the large machines but not always required as most machines are capable of heating the water as well.

Ideally the base the machine stands on would be concrete, however LPD can also supply if required, the latest 16kg (35lb) that can be used quite successfully on a secure wooden floor.

In the main most operators choose a sized washer from 12kg (25lb) to 22kg (50lb) capacity depending on the quantity of items that require laundry.

Dryer — Gas or Electric

Ideally a gas heated dryer would be installed as they are single phase and can run on either natural gas or propane. If this is unavailable the alternative is an electric dryer and normally you will require a three phase supply. The dryer needs to be located in a well ventilated room with an out side wall for the ducting to run along. We in the main supply 30lb to 50lb dryers.

How much will it all cost?

We provide new or pre-owned equipment depending on the operator’s budgets. All used equipment fully undergoes the LPD refurbishment program and are fully warranted. Finance packages are available from as little as £20.00 PW or alternative outright purchase.

For further information contact us sales@lpd.co.uk — Click here to download equine laundry brochure.

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